I want to open with the importance of knowing numbers and knowing what the doctor knows regarding your labs during your annual physical assessments.  Those numbers tell them everything about what’s going on in your body and you should know too!

Many are greatly affected by diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Learn the details of how to prevent, treat and manage these diseases.


“Preventing and Treating Diabetes through Nutrition”

You may have family members or know someone who has diabetes. Learn the different types of diabetes, preventative measures, meal planning,  carbohydrate counting, simple exercises to improve blood glucose levels and the new guide lines for label reading!

Aries has over 20 years of experience as a dietitian coordinating clinical patient nutritional care to promote health and control various diseases. Additional experience includes but not limited to: Nutrition Support Dietitian, total management of parenteral nutrition, Neuroscience Critical care, Gastroenterology and Nephrology.

  • Dietitians are professional expert spokespersons for health, nutrition and wellness.
  • Dietitians are the leaders in nutrition and are committed to providing individuals with the nutritional foundation to jump start healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Dietitians are licensed to answer questions related to specific medical conditions to improve healing and quality of life.

“I have such a compassion for my clients and want to provide the best possible care that I can as a dietitian. My plan is to make a dramatic difference in the lives of clients as well as their families. My goal is to share nutritional strategies in preventing and treating health related illnesses. Promoting health is certainly my passion!”